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Regional Relationships commissions artists, scholars, writers and activists to create works that investigate the natural, industrial and cultural landscapes of a region.
It is a platform to re-imagine the spaces and cultural histories around us. An invitation to join in seeing what we can learn—and learning what we can see—by juxtaposing spaces and narratives that are usually kept apart.


Popular beliefs about human geography are composed of binary oppositions like “urban” and “rural” and “cosmopolitan” and “provincial”. These divisions naturalize synthetic borders and harden political boundaries, obsfucating their cultural function.
Applying a regional lens encourages us to think more expansively about the disparate geographies that might exist within the space of one small town or across continents and oceans.


Published works will be sent to subscribing individuals and institutions on a semiannual basis.

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The Secret Collection: Patrick Lichty
With RR04, artist and researcher Patrick Lichty invites us to meditate on an imagined encounter between the artifacts of a "discovered" culture and the unruly properties of an atomized and renamed earth.


Ryan Griffis and Sarah Ross depict the construction of a global space in a small town.


RR01: A Map Without Boundaries by artist Matthew Friday >

RR02: Greetings from the Cornbelts by artist Claire Pentecost >

RR03: Yock Yok, Fereshteh Toosi and Neil Brideau >

Organizers and envelope stuffers

Ryan Griffis, Sarah Ross

With invaluable help from Sharon Irish

Regular counseling by (and in) the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor

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Opensource Art


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