an experiential curriculum


Over the Levee, Under the Plow: An Experiential Curriculum is a suite of cards containing prompts, exercises, and questions. The cards accompany a series of booklets collectively titled Field Guides to the Anthropocene Drift , a set of loosely defined guidebooks that address the lands commonly referred to as the Upper-Midwest of the United States. We, the artist-authors of these materials, occupy identities assigned privilege in these lands: non-disabled, cis-gendered, white-settler. We are decidedly uninvited guests. This project is one attempt at becoming responsible guests, a process pursued as much for ourselves as any external audience, user, or reader.

As an experiential curriculum, the cards are informed by practices of generative somatics and contain both unconscious omissions and specific details that reflect the subject position and geo-historical moment from which we conceived them. We intend them to be a tool, rather than a prescription or solution, and invite you to interpret, adapt, and reconfigure any and all of them to fit your own circumstances. While they are inspired by our engagement with the lands and lifeways where we find ourselves, we hope that they can be useful in a variety of social and ecological contexts.

Below, you will find links to four sets of exercises, prompts and questions that form this curriculum.

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Design: Ryan Griffis

After Extraction: Ryan Griffis

Beyond Property: Sarah Kanouse

Amongst Relatives: Corinne Teed

Shaped by Rivers: Heather Parrish