Regional Relationships 05Ryan Griffis/Sarah Ross, Between the Bottomlands & the World

During the growth of industrial manufacturing in North America, Midwestern cities attracted immigrant workers, becoming hubs for those seeking work. Likewise, that same era saw the growth of small towns that supported the many surrounding farms. Today, rust-belt cities and rural towns struggle to survive the economic devastation wrought by farm consolidation and deindustrialization. Beardstown, IL has been cited as something of a success story, as it has kept a stable population in the face of these changes. The residents of the town have, however, radically changed; once an all-white sundown town, it now has a sizable population of new immigrants. Yet, as social struggles have been fought and won in this small town, its existence now relies on the multinational corporate giant, Cargill. Between the Bottomlands & the World explores this multi-faceted place of global exchange and international mobility, inscribed by post-NAFTA realities.

Contents of mailing:

RR05 consists of a sewn and stamped envelope containing:
+ One DVD with 3 chapters (Submerging Land, Granular Space, and Moving Flesh [All videos in English, Moving Flesh with Spanish and French subtitles, and English closed captioning]
+ nine 6x9in "flash" cards (color photographs/black text)
+ one 12x18in folded photomontage poster.

To see the videos and more information, including full credits see the Between the Bottomlands & the World project website

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RR05 package

flash cards

corn hopper in the field